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Polytpya employs simulation-based techniques to extend and alter a dancer's bodily characteristics and movement capabilities. It does so by representing physical and virtual bodies and their movements as actuated mass-spring systems and artificial neural networks. This unified representation of natural and artificial bodies permits the creation of hybrid embodiments that elevate a performers singular corporeal identity into a plurality of potential differentiations and individualities. These hybrid embodiments manifest on stage via their effect on the generation of synthetic music and imagery which overlaps, supersedes and contrasts with the physical presence of the dancers. The fluid transitions between multiple forms of self and otherness highlights the fragility of a cognitively constructed bodily integrity and continuity and exploits its malleability as expressive form.

This project has been realized as a collaboration:

Muriel Romero: Choreography and Production
Pablo Palacio: Music Composition and Production
Daniel Bisig: Interactive Simulation and Visuals