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The project ‘Aggregat’ is a kinetic audio-installation that contains works by a group of artists all active within the context of the ICST, the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology of the Zurich University of the Arts. The central aspects explored by the works is the notion of sound and movement in body-object relationships and concrete materiality. The sound-works in the aggregate installation cover thematic approaches such as ‘choreography’ of sound and movement, social and group behaviours, synchronisation of media and senses, spatiality in a real space, and figure-ground relationships between physical and sound movement. The micro-society represented by the speaker aggregate reflects the multi-perspective nature of the artist group engaged in this joint installation. More information is available on the project website: aggregat.zhdk.ch

This project has been realized as a collaboration:

Daniel Bisig: Installation Design, Mechanical Engineerings, Kinetic Composition Jan Schacher: Electronical Enginering, Music and Kinetic Composition
Philippe Kocher: Music and Kinetic Composition
Tobias Gerber: Music and Kinetic Composition
Martin Neukom: Music and Kinetic Composition
Marcus Maeder: Music and Kinetic Composition