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Sheet Music is a sound installation whose physical setup consists of several piezoelectric film speakers distributed in space. The sonic content of the installation is generated by employing time-delayed recurrent networks as sound synthesis systems. The installation setup embodies some of the algorithmic principles that underlay the generative sound synthesis process. Each speaker corresponds to a specific point in the network and renders the network's activity at this point audible. In addition, the physical distances among the speakers are proportional to the time delay applied to the signals between those points. Hence, some of the otherwise hidden properties of the generative algorithm are made visible. Furthermore, each display of the installation is unique and site specific, as the distances between the speakers depend on the particular spatial properties of the venue. The installation represents an attempt to establish a clear correspondence between a generative system and its physical manifestation.

This project has been realized as a collaboration:

Philippe Kocher: Music Composition
Christoph Stähli: Electronics
Daniel Bisig: Installation Design