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Pallarel is a swarm-based artwork that has been shown both as an interactive video installation and as visual instrument for life improvisation. As an installation, the work shows abstract graphical elements that move linearly within a non-eucledian curved space. The curvature of the space alters when visitors a detected by a camera and become attractors in a simulated gravitational field. The idea for this work is inspired by the painter Hans Jörg Glattfolder on whose invitation the work has been realised and shown. As visual instrument for live improvisation, Parallels has been performed in Free-Jazz and Electronic Music contexts.

This project has been realized as a collaboration:

Hans Jörg Glattfelder: Painter and Spiritus Rector
Maja Vieli: Singer
Florian Bogner: Laptop Musician
Jerry Rojas: Guitars
Philip Zehnder: Percussion