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The project interactive swarm orchestra (iso) employs flocking algorithms to control computer sound synthesis and 3d sound positioning. iso will realize as interactive composition space, which is equipped with ambisonic surround technology and several swissranger 3d cameras. Synthesis, position and movement of several simultaneous sound events within the composition space are modeled according to biological swarm behavior and thereby form an acoustic flock. Visitors can move freely within the composition space while their position and movement is tracked via the 3d cameras. By this way, visitors can interact with the acoustic flock, changing it's spatial distribution and synthesis properties.

The project iso combines research into the following areas:

Three dimensional spatial projection of several sound events, whose position, movement and synthesis parameters can be influenced via interaction.

Modeling of sound events as autonomous agents, whose behavior is based on principles of biological swarm movement.

Development of a camera based tracking system which recognizes gestural movements of several people in an indoor environment.

Research into psycho-acoustic issues of perception and discrimination of concurrent spatial sound events,

Research into semi-automated composition concerning balancing the autonomy of the flocking system and organizational levels of manual intervention.