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Pendulum is a kinetic audio installation that directly relates physical movement with musical output. The installation consists of four free hanging pendulums that are actuated by computer controlled propellers. Each pendulum houses either a microphone or loudspeaker at its bottom. As the loudspeakers and microphones travel along quasi-periodic trajectories, their changing spatial relationships manifest sonically through continuously changing acoustic feedback. This installation represents an attempt to exploit the interplay between simple physical and computational processes as main constituents for establishing the generative and interactive characteristics of an artwork. It is through this interplay, that the generative processes become perceivable and are rendered responsive to the surrounding environment and the presence and activities of visitors. This work highlights how natural and computational principles can be employed in a complementary manner for establishing consistency between the perceptual, behavioural and interactive aspects of an artwork while at the same time relinquish the need for devising complicated mapping, sensing, and control mechanisms.

This project has been realized as a collaboration:

Daniel Bisig: Concept and Installation Design
Florian Bogner: Music Composition